One way to test drive your water treatment is through piloting. Water treatment piloting helps to ensure the best value out of your initial capital investment. There are many benefits to piloting. It helps to simulate full-scale operation so the client can see how it’s going to work. Piloting also establishes a project design basis. Lastly, piloting encourages client collaboration. Communication is important when it comes to choosing a water treatment system. Water treatment piloting allows the client to be a part of the process. We know what we’re doing – but we want you to as well.

  • Establish project design basis

    • Determine potential final water quality
    • Establish cleaning and backwash requirements
    • Define design constraints and parameters
      • Process type
      • Membrane type
      • Height of media
      • Flux rate
  • Process configurations for simulating full scale operation

    • Equipment available for chemical optimization studies
    • A wide array of options available
      • Reverse Osmosis & Nanofiltration
      • Ultrafiltration
      • Biological Filtration, Media Filtration, and more

  • Client collaboration

    • Fluid pilot goals and objectives
    • Site training and involvement in process
    • Regular Process trending from data acquisition

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