Delco is always working to develop innovative, more sustainable ways to treat water. Our groundwater biological filtration solutions are designed to remove iron, arsenic, manganese and ammonia, while offering outstanding pre-treatment characteristics to secondary membrane treatment. With no chemical usage and significantly lower backwash frequencies than alternatives such as greensand filtration, biological filtration provides the groundwork for a more sustainable future of the water industry. Because we are not introducing oxidant chemical, there are no risks of creating THM’s during this treatment process.

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Delco Water's BioFx

Delco Water’s biological filtration solution, BioFx, is designed and tailored to North America’s cold environments. Due to providing superior pre-treatment to membrane solutions and having a high tolerance for long-term shutdowns, the BioFx has low operational costs. 

Biological filtration is a passive treatment that requires minimal operator involvement and focuses on the optimization of the environment. As not all bacteria from water sources are created equally, Delco Water’s BioFx creates the optimal conditions for contaminant-reducing bacteria to thrive in.

BioFx can be applied at any scale and is fully customizable to the needs of the client. Modifications of media, air, and other factors are tailored to the different stages of biological filtration. Our experience and specialization in biological filtration allow our team to find the most appropriate solution of the client.