One differentiating feature of a Delco Water system is the continued support post installation. Our field service and maintenance group consist of experienced engineers and technicians. Our goal is to ensure each client gets the most out of their water system.

Effective preventative maintenance activities are essential elements in the smooth operation of any water treatment facility. They can extend the life of your water treatment plant, prevent costly and disruptive emergency outages, reduce costs and maximize operational efficiencies, and optimize the quality of your treated water. Our field service and maintenance department is well-equipped to deal with continued service, support, operator training, troubleshooting, and any warranty items that may arise with a Delco system. Delco Water’s service and support packages allow the customer to feel secure in the knowledge that trained service personnel are there to ensure the system is functioning properly and with maximum efficiency. All service packages are fully customizable in order to meet customer’s individual needs.

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

  • Scheduled visits for cleanings & instrumentation calibration

  • A comprehensive inspection and testing routine

  • Operator training and maintenance manuals

  • Cleaning studies

  • CIP cleaning and backwash support

  • Membrane replacement and autopsy

  • Equipment repairs

  • Secure remote monitoring of all key operating parameters

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