Along with our extensive expertise in water treatment, Delco Water has over 15 years of process automation and control experience. Delco Water is a division of Delco Automation with a shared headquarters and manufacturing facility. Delco Automation is an engineering, system integration, manufacturing and field service company specializing in process control and information systems.

We specialize in a wide variety of automation and control technologies, including process specific programs, complete plant integration, and high performance HMI (human machine interface) systems. In addition, our Security division provides additional benefit to each of our systems capabilities by enhancing and monitoring the facility systems with a variety of their technologies. 

  • Process Specific Programs - FiltraMAX & HydraMAX

    • Fully automated processes for increased MTU functionality
    • Designed for ease of operation
    • Predictive and pro-active maintenance recommendations
    • Increases membrane efficiency and overall life expectancy
    • Other benefits include optimal chemical usage, automatic report generation, and consistent treated water quality

  • A system integrator for the entirety of the plant

    • Focus on the most cost-effective products for the client
    • Ability to customize any portion of the control system
    • Reducing the complexity of contractor arrangements on site
    • Better controlled project schedule and cost

  • High Performance HMI's

    • Interacting with the HMI creates intuitive system standards
      • Increases efficient decision making
    • Enables situational awareness of high-level system performance
    • Restricted use of color under normal operating conditions
    • Mitigates potential confusion or instances of color blindness
    • Use color during abnormal, warning, or critical alarm scenarios
      • Captures operators attention to investigate issues

  • Enhance the system with Delco Security's technologies

    • Credential Access Control
      • Authorized personnel are permitted and tracked
    • IP Video verification of systems to visually verify alarms
    • Administration and 24-7 monitoring of alarms and video
    • Roll Call and Visitor Management
    • Advanced deep learning analytics to highlight anomaly
    • Real Time Locating products and services
    • Man Down, work alone and safety products and services
    • Emergency Mass Notification Systems
      • Indoor, Outdoor, and by your side
    • Full Unification with existing Delco and 3rd party systems for one single pane of glass operation

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