The Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) water treatment technology is a compact, efficient and cost-effective solution for communities, camps & industrial partners.  The MBBR systems utilize high surface area media to speed up the bacteriological treatment process, thereby reducing operating costs and minimizing the overall size of operation.

Delco Water partners with Resetilovs, an engineering and manufacturing company from Latvia. They specialize in wastewater treatment, and provide us equipment we integrate in our wastewater systems

  • Designed and fabricated to suit individual site requirements and specifications

    • ‘Plug and Play’ design minimizes installation time
    • Capacities range from 1 to 20,000 m³/day
    • Suited to warm and cold climate conditions from +40°C to -55°C
    • Modular and expandable for future growth
    • Robust stainless-steel construction

  • Energy & Space Efficient

    • Up to 40% lower operating costs than traditional SBR or RBC systems
    • More efficient than standard activated sludge plants
    • Very low sludge generation from overall system

  • More cost effective & smaller than similar capacity lagoon systems

    • Low Maintenance & easy to operate
    • No odour control issues
    • Small footprint removes the “eyesore” of lagoons