Most of the water we drink comes from wells or surface water sources such as rivers, lakes, and streams which may contain harmful contaminants. Both municipalities and well owners must treat their water sources properly to have safe, clean drinking water. One way of doing so is through reverse osmosis. A home RO system can effectively filter out contaminants such as arsenic, bacteria and viruses, unpleasant smells and tastes, chlorine, heavy metals, nitrates, sediment, and iron. 

Sapphire Water, a Division of Delco Water

Sapphire Water, a division of Delco Water, has optimized and refurbished their catalogue reverse osmosis systems ranging from 0.6 USGPM – 35 USGPM. Our compact home RO systems are ideal for residential homes, farms, acreages, restaurants, bottled water, car washes, boiler pre-treatment, or any application where high quality water is essential. These systems are available as full and complete packages, or the pretreatment, reverse osmosis, and finishing unit can be offered separately.

Other key benefits of using a Sapphire Residential & Commercial System include:

  • Low energy, high rejection membranes (98%)

  • Reduced power consumption and operating costs

  • Automatic inlet shutoff solenoid valve

  • Pre-filter and membrane pressure gauges

  • Plug and play for easy installation

  • No need for a water softener with the MTU

Each Sapphire System has a quick and convenient installation process – only 1-2 days. Our systems come equipped with a general operation & installation manual, as well as troubleshooting guides so you can be confident in operating your system. Upon installation, our clients will enjoy bottled water at every tap in the house after the finishing station.

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About Sapphire Water, a Division of Delco Water

In 2019, Delco Automation acquired Sapphire Water International Corp.. Sapphire Water, now a Division of Delco Water, has been providing reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions since 2007. Although their name has changed, the team and their mission to provide homes and businesses with clean, safe drinking water remained the same. 

Based in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, our systems are locally designed and locally manufactured. Our residential and commercial RO systems are designed by engineers and built by our skilled fabrication and manufacturing team. 

Why a Sapphire Water System?

Sapphire Water RO systems offer the next level of water treatment for your home or business. Our systems can be purchased as a stand alone unit, or enhanced to a Whole House System. This would include pretreatment options, an MTU, holding tank, as well as finishing unit. Our Filtralite filters offer clients More Water for Less Cost, providing leading edge filtration technology using engineered ceramic media. These pretreatment and finishing options are especially useful in rural and remote areas with high iron and manganese content. 

Each Sapphire System comes with proper anti-scalant, disinfection, as well as pH correction set ups. These precautionary measures not only ensure the water produced is clean, but encourages proper system maintenance. Maintaining your system with correct additives helps to increase the lifespan of the system, as well as increases overall efficiency of the system’s operation.

Why Reverse Osmosis?

How does Reverse Osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that is ideal for removing substances such as metal ions, hardness, total dissolved solids and dissolved organics. Using high pressure, raw water flows through one side of the membrane, pushing the raw water through the membrane. A fraction of the water, with minerals/metals retained, stays on the pressurized side of the membranes, while clean, demineralized, water passes through to the other side.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most popular methods of filtration. A home RO system is an effective alternative to purification due to its ability to deliver superior levels of safety and taste at a reasonable cost. Many consumers are now skipping the bottled water and investing in a home reverse osmosis system that can remove over 99% of dissolved minerals, chlorine, and contaminants.

Distributor Opportunities

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