To ensure all project and product information is accessible, we have created an online resource library. Our resource library contains marketing literature, case studies, product information, technical papers, and any other notable resources. All brochures and papers can be downloaded with a click of a button.

Delco Water has successfully completed countless water and wastewater treatment automation and control projects. Our team of membrane treatment professionals offers a line of membrane treatment units with unrivalled intelligence – from Research and Development, engineering, and complete project integration. Our Research and Development team are always looking for new ways to improve our systems by using innovation and technology to provide the best when it comes to water treatment. Our findings are described in various case studies that are published around the world.

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Case Studies

Delco Water has designed countless water treatment systems in communities across Canada. As every community's water sources are unique, we have developed in depth case studies surrounding these cases and their solutions.

Research & Development

Our Research and Development team are consistently evaluating new technology ideas by looking for potential ways to improve the current system or methodologies. 

Marketing Literature & Brochures

Products & Services

An all-encompassing brochure displaying our wide variety of products, technologies, and services. Click to download.

Wastewater Treatment

Our wastewater treatment plants can effectively reduce pollutants to ensure the most stringent discharge limits are met. Click to download.

Field Service Offerings

Delco Water's team of skilled technicians and engineers can help you get the most out of your water treatment investment. Click to download.