NFU, or Hollow Fiber Nanofiltration, is another membrane filtration technology with a customized control system developed by our very own engineering team. Delco Water’s NanoFx process utilizes industry leading hollow-fibre crossflow membrane modules. These nanofiltration modules are chlorine tolerant and are ideally suited for the treatment of surface water with excess amounts of dissolved organic carbon.

  • Industry Relationships with Manufacturers such as Pentair & NX Filtration

    • Fibres can be cleaned with chlorine to inhibit biological growth
    • Conservative design flux for sustainable operation
    • Successfully tested in harsh & cold climates

  • Powered by the NanoMAX Control System

    • Fully automatic process control including:
      • Chemically enhanced cleaning
      • Direct integrity testing - online log removal value
    • Variable speed feed & cross-flow pump control
    • Scalable to multiple trains
  • Other Process Advantages

    • Qualifies for log removal credits in surface water treatment
    • Pre-filtration automatic strainers are standard
    • Skid-based and plant-integrated options
    • NanoFX has the capability to replace a UF + NF process