More Water for Less Cost

Delco Water is the North American distributor for Filtralite ®; a highly porous engineered ceramic media that offers significantly better performance than traditional filter media. The increased surface area allows larger volumes of water to be filtered through the same volume of media with multiple operational benefits. Delco Water has partnered with Filtralite’s developer, Leca, to provide North American communities with the ceramic media. For more information on Leca, please visit for more details.

Over the last 25 years, Filtralite ® has been successfully installed in water and wastewater applications in more than 200 locations across 40+ countries.  Plants utilizing the media for either biological or wastewater treatment can expect an immediate return on investment by running more efficiently and increasing operational cost savings.

  • Key Benefits of Using Filtralite Media

    • Increases filter run times and flow rates
    • Conservative design flux for sustainable operation
    • Maintains or improves water quality
    • Can eliminate need for capital expansion
    • Has a lifetime of over 20 years