Biological filtration provides a more sustainable alternative to water treatment. Our Research and Development have had a strong focus on biological filtration for years. Delco Water’s biological treatment technology –  known as BioFx – is uniquely designed and tailored to North America’s cold environments. The BioFx is an environmentally friendly technologies with zero chemical consumption, minimal waste production, and can be applied at any scale.

water treatment
  • Robust Treatment Technology

    • Delco BioFX targets Fe, Mn, NH4+, As and H2S
    • Significant waste reduction due to low backwash frequency
    • Minimal chemical consumption

  • Delco Water Design Innovation

    • Effective performance at low water temperatures (<5 °C)
    • Modular design adapting to different water sources and chemistry
    • Ability to convert existing media filter set-ups to a biological process
    • Operator friendly automated control requiring minimal supervision
    • Continuous R&D implementing innovations and applications
  • Pre-Treatment for RO/NF Applications

    • Extends membrance life expectancy
    • Reduces inorganic and biomass fouling
    • Reduces frequency of membrance CIP cleaning

  • Stand-Alone Treatment Process

    • Applicable to low TDS groundwater sources (TDS < 500 mg/L)
    • Economical option for small, remote communities while still providing a robust system with easy-to-maintain operations