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wastewater treatment

At Delco Water, we use advanced wastewater treatment to produce high-quality effluent. The effluent meets or exceeds even the most stringent environmental standards.  Our solutions are suitable for a wide range of applications such as residential, work camps, remote First Nations and industrial facilities.

Our wastewater technologies are suitable for effluent release to rivers, streams, lakes or even water re-use installations such as irrigation at golf courses, spray water, street cleaning, dust control, process water applications or as supply for cooling towers.

Delco Water utilizes two key applications for wastewater treatment; the MBBR and MBR systems. These systems depend on the size of the community and how much capacity they are capable of treating. Please see some of our project references for more information on how we applied these technologies

  • Both the MBBR and MBR systems include:

    • The ability to meet stringent discharge standards
    • Can be designed to meet high quality effluent standards for water re-use
    • Discharge to rivers, lakes, streams etc. is easily achievable
    • Automation & Auxiliary Equipment
    • Automation options, remote operation & alarms are all customizable
    • Sludge treatment, dewatering systems, headworks & other equipment available

Wastewater Treatment Technologies