A division of Delco Automation Inc.. Delco Water is a premier water treatment solution provider and equipment integrator. When it comes to water treatment, we understand that each community has unique water quality concerns that require tailored treatment solutions.

For over twenty years, Delco has been providing communities with designs completely customized to meet the specific needs of the client. Delco’s customized approach has allowed us to design, manufacture, commission and service water and wastewater treatment equipment throughout North America. Factors such as treatment type, flow rate, flux rate, recovery rate, level of automation, and budget are used to determine the best suited system.

Our method has resulted in safe drinking water for countless municipalities, First Nation communities, and industrial and commercial end users. By analyzing raw water quality and peak demand flow rate, we ensure each community achieves the best water quality results possible. Our clients experience higher recoveries, decreased operating costs, and decreased cleaning requirements.

In 2019, Delco Automation acquired Sapphire Water International Corp.. Sapphire Water, now a Division of Delco Water, has been providing reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions since 2007. Additionally, our Sapphire division offers a line of household reverse osmosis systems designed and built in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. These customizable RO systems provide individuals the opportunity to have safe, treated water within the comfort of their own home or small business. 

Through our unique blend of talented staff with a variety of educational and technical backgrounds, we have realized our vision: Making the world a better place through the use of technology. Please click here to learn about some of our team members. 

The Delco Team

Delco Water is proud to be a member of the following water, wastewater, and engineering associations throughout North America: